July 31, 2016

Origin Story

Because Everyone Likes A Good Origin Story

It all started on a hiking trip in Boulder, CO - Zach Olschwanger and Ryan Naboshek were getting hungry while hiking the Flat Irons and reached in their bags to grab the energy bars they had packed. Opening the packages, we immediately were disappointed with melted chocolate and an unrecognizable mash of ingredients. Then, the 'hanger' set in....

For the remainder of the hike, Zach and Ryan discussed the opportunities that were seemingly obvious. Not only did we want a bar where we could SEE and TASTE the complexity of ingredients, but we wanted each ingredient to serve a specific purpose. That's when we looped in Darshan Shah on the idea, a friend and practitioner of Integrative Medicine.

From that day forward, we set out to create an energy bar with the unique nutritional needs of an activity that we all loved - Rock Climbing. We've spent a couple years researching, developing, and perfecting the recipe of an energy bar with all-natural ingredients that each play an important role in allowing us to climb hard and recover faster!

We hope that you enjoy the bar and take it on your own climbing trips - wherever that may take you!

 - Ryan, Zach, & Darshan