"These simple, mildly sweet bars made a great easy-to-digest crag snack" - Climbing Magazine


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Climb Harder

Get the most out of your climb and fuel your body with our climbing-centric combination of naturally produced sugars for a quick burst followed by complex carbs for sustained energy.

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Fast Recovery

Joint and muscle stiffness, soreness and pain can be a sure-fire recipe for shortening a workout. We gathered some of the top nutrient-dense berries, fruits, nuts, and seeds to help reduce joint inflammation and assist with muscle repair.

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17 Ingredients

We Carefully Selected 17 All-Natural Ingredients That Deliver A Nourishing Balance Of Energy And Recovery So That You Can Conquer That Unforgiving Project.

About Crafted Energy Bar

It all started on a hiking trip in Boulder, Colorado.... After reaching into our bags to find melted and mushy general energy bars, we set out to create a whole-food energy bar with the nutritional needs of a sport we love - Climbing. Find out more in 'Our Origin'...
Each Bar Is Hand-Made With Quality Ingredients By Climbers For Climbers

The Crafted Team

Ryan Naboshek

Co-Founder | Giant | Hiker | Climber | Dog Lover | Homebrewer | Culinary Enthusiast
Ryan lives in balmy Phoenix, AZ with his wife and goldendoodle. Ryan is an avid hiker, outdoorsman, enjoys cooking and brewing beer.

Zach Olschwanger

Co-Founder | Visionary | Climber | Scooter Owner | Coffee Snob | Succulent Lover | Beard Owner
Zach lives in Austin, TX where he is the founder and owner of Austin Bouldering Project. Zach is an avid climber, hiker, backpacker, and fisher.

Darshan Shah, MD

Co-Founder | Feral Druid | Day Dreamer | Climber | Tinkerer| Yoga Practitioner | World Traveler | Wellness Wizard
Darshan Shah, MD lives in Austin, TX where he practices Integrative Medicine and enjoys Ashtanga Yoga, climbing, cooking, and helping people find their ikigai.

Tony Bellinaso

Bar Manufacturing | Teacher of Youth | Climber | Traveler | Chicagoan | Italian Stallion
Tony lives in Phoenix, AZ where he is a molder of young minds. Tony enjoys climbing, exploring new music festivals, and spending quality time with his family in Chicago

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